Useful properties of elecampane lie in the substances found in its root and rhizome. Among them are various resins, wax, from one to three percent of essential oil in the form of crystals, vitamin E, saponins, up to forty-four percent of the polysaccharide inulin, as well as mucus. The decoction obtained from the rhizomes and roots of the plant is prescribed for inflammatory processes of the intestine or stomach, for strengthening with coughs and bronchitis with thickish secretions, as well as in case of liver and kidney disease, has anthelmintic and diuretic properties, relieves inflammation, etc.

The plant’s tocopherol (in other words, vitamin E) helps to delay the aging process for people suffering from its premature, as this vitamin is a natural antioxidant.

A decoction of elecampane is indispensable for diseases of the skin. For treatment and prevention, a strong decoction is used, which is added when taking baths. Also, a special ointment from elecampane is used externally, which heals from itching, scabies, etc. The mucus, resins and gums found in the plant have a beneficial therapeutic effect, since they envelop the walls and thereby protect the intestinal and stomach mucosa, as well as the pharynx.

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